Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Talk –School Outreach

As part of our school outreach program, we reached out to female students from some selected schools in the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly. The focus of the workshop was to enlighten female students in Junior High School about their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

The workshop was done in our office Mobile Web Ghana, located at Agbogba  North Legon. The period for the workshop was from the 14th of November to the 22nd of November. The schools in attendance were St Paul’s School, Calvary Presby School, and Papao Community Basic School.

The workshop was divided into 3 separate sessions. The first session was a talk on Sexual Assault. The girls were educated on what sexual assault is and the various forms that exist. They were also taught to speak up or report if they ever experience any form of sexual assault. The girls were also made to understand that most of the perpetrators reported to DOVVSU, were in close relation to the victims. They were advised to report even if a close relative sexually abuses them.

The next session of the workshop was on ‘Consent and the Law’. This session was led by a Senior Police Officer, Madam Patience Quaye. She gave the girls in-depth knowledge about Consent and the Law. The girls were enlightened on the fact that once they are forced to have any sexual activity without their consent, it is a crime, and a need for them to report.

They were also educated on the Criminal Offence Act 196, Act 29 which spells out the laws that protect victims of gender-based violence. 

The last session was an affirmation exercise. A video on affirmations was first shown to the girls to inspire them. Afterward, the girls were made to say positive words of affirmations to themselves. This exercise is important to build their self-confidence to appreciate themselves always.

After every workshop, the girls are given the opportunity to share their experiences or ask questions bothering them. Girls who have confidential questions meet the facilitators privately for counseling and help. 

At the end of the day, it was very encouraging to see how the girls shared their excitement about partaking in the workshop. We believe that more of such training programs will go a long way in helping young girls to be cautious about their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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