Highlighting critical gender related issues in society

about us.

Visuals for Gender is an initiative that seeks to  equip citizens, policy makers and Civil Society Organisations to understand gender-based issues using both dynamic and static data visualizations. The goal is to highlight the critical gender-related issues in our society, share them with citizens, policymakers and journalists to take actions on them.

Thematic Areas


Educate citizens, policy makers and the general public to take action and inspire a change of attitude in the society.

Influence Policy

We seek to use dynamic and static visualizations to advance policies related to gender based violence.

Capacity Building

We empower organisations working on gender based issues to acquire the skills to develop their own visualisations and tell their stories using infographics.

Engage Civil Society Org.

We share our work and engage with CSOs/NGOs that are actively involved in championing the cause and welfare of the vulnerable in the society.

Our team.

Florence Toffa

Project Coordinator

Princess Erwina Ndom

Asst. Project Coordinator

Patience Quaye

Project Advisor

Elikplim Sabblah

Data Analyst

Joshua Puplampu

Data & Communications

Pious Asante

Project Advisor



Creative Arts and Gender-Based Violence Advocacy

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Visuals for Gender is engaging more with our audience through online activities. We have had a number of live programs that will give some selected resource persons the platform to share their knowledge on gender-based violence advocacy.  In the month of July, we had  a series…
Gender-Based Violence and Women in Media
Women and girls are more vulnerable to gender-based violence than their male counterparts. Some news reports  have revealed the increase of gender-based violence cases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, efforts are being made to…

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