About Visuals for Gender Project​

Visuals for Gender is an initiative that seeks to equip citizens, policymakers and Civil Society Organisations to understand gender-based issues using both dynamic and static data visualizations. The goal is to highlight the critical gender-related issues in our society, share them with citizens, policymakers and journalists to take actions on them. The data sets we use are on the following cases, FGM, child marriages, defilement, rape etc.

This is an open data project that brings to the limelight gender issues for discussion and for actions to be taken. Some of the activities that have been undertaken during this project include capacity building for gender-based Civil Society Organisations, policy dialogue and partnership with media organisations to achieve our objectives.

Project Platforms​

A Hackathon is one of the ways to build capacity and use the skills learned to solve problems collectively. Hackathons are very critical to the achievement of our goals for this project. Therefore, we will hold different hackathons on different thematic areas of gender-based violence. During our first hackathon, we brought CSOs, journalists, developers, media influencers and policy advocates working in the area of sexual reproductive health, and gender-based violence together to learn and propose tech-driven solutions to gender-based violence issues. They shared their knowledge and were also taught how to visualize gender-based data-sets and create simple tech-driven solutions for gender-based violence issues.

The team at Visuals for Gender is constantly researching and working on data sets related to gender-based violence.  We are looking for opportunities to work with government organisations, CSOs, the private sector, the media and policymakers to analyse datasets and present it in a form that ordinary citizens can understand. We scrape gender related-data sets from the government websites, the National Statistical Service, multinational organizations etc. This data is then analyzed and visualized in a way that tells visuals stories for better understanding and decision making. 

We produce great static visualizations in the form of infographics. We partner with media organisations to ensure that our infographics reach a wider audience to educate and help them connect the dots when it comes to gender-based violence issues and also empower citizens to speak up against gender-based violence acts, norms and practice.

Data has been described as the new gold mine. Data is only powerful when people have the skills to analyse and visualize it for better decision making. We organise series of training sessions to train government institutions, the youth and CSOs in data visualization – especially data on sexual reproductive health. Also, our hackathons will give civic technologists, journalists etc. the opportunity to develop data visualizations. 

True life stories are shared by victims of gender-based violence for people to relate, and connect to the specific issues being discussed. If you have any stories and experiences, we will be happy to receive it.