Recap of ‘RBG’ documentary at American Corner Agbogba

The global celebration of #16daysofactivism started on 25th November, which marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.Gender activists around the world are working tirelessly through campaigns, educational programs/webinars, influencing policy makers and other impactful activities in the fight against all forms of gender-based violence especially towards women and girls. Unfortunately, domestic violence rose extensively during the Covid-19 pandemic which massively hit the world over a year ago. This report can be found in The Guardian

As part of the activities to mark the #16daysofactivism, there was a film screening at American Corner Agbogba, which is an educational and cultural center established by the US Embassy Ghana and housed at Mobile Web Ghana. We were honoured to have Consular Assistant Ashlee Whitmire of the US Embassy Ghana grace the occasion with her presence. Also present at the event was Rita Awuku,  the American Corner Director at the US Embassy Ghana, representatives of Civil Society Organisations and some female students of Newells Academy,  Oyarifa. 

The documentary, titled “Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG)”, explored the life and work of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a former supreme court justice in the United States who worked very hard advocating against gender discrimination and other human rights violations. The documentary showed her work life, her work in gender advocacy and the many arguments she won at the Supreme Court of America. 

Consular Assistant Ashlee Whitmire led the discussion at the end of the movie. What transpired was a very engaging discussion on the lessons participants learnt from the movie. Ashlee first started by explaining what supreme court dissents are after which she opened the floor for questions and comments from the participants. She answered the many questions that were asked among which was one about what women in Ghana should know before they select a good life partner. This question came after the questioner had observed that Ruth had a very supportive husband who played an important role in her success. Ashlee answered by using herself as an example and she stated how her husband has been supportive of her in her career. She mentioned that even before they got married, she had conversations with him about what she wanted to do in the future concerning the advancement of her career, furthering her education and other important life decisions. She also added that having consistent conversations with her husband was very helpful and she encouraged participants to chase their dreams and not allow any one to be an obstacle in their way. Some of the participants who are already married, added their voice to Ashlee’s comments and it was altogether a very insightful segment of the entire event. 

Rita Awuku also stressed the fact that having the right people around you is very vital to achieving success in life. Other participants touched on overcoming the fear of not speaking up as women and being confident about their choices and decisions. 

It was an enlightening event. We believe that when such inspiring stories of women who have made great strides in their fields of endeavor are shared with young ladies, it empowers them to aspire to greater heights in their lives. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was fearless and excellent at her work and her very life is an inspiration to millions of girls around the world.

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